Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008

11SecondClub - January Entry

The 11SecondClub is an online animation contest. Competing animators have to animate an 11 second dialogue.

It is beneficial to enter as other animators give feedback on work. My animation scored 3.7 out of 11 and was placed 44th out of 85 entries.

Anim8 - Scene 8 - Creepy Customer

Anim8 Scene 8 - Creepy, staring guy from Frank G on Vimeo.

ANIM8 - Cat With Many Skins

In 2007 a collaboration of 1st year animation students at SBIT decided to make a film.

The result was "Cat With Many Skins".

The story was based on a 19 year old shop assistant who starts to realise his part-time job is becoming his permanent gaol.

The final film did not make the cut for the Tropfest competition, so it is available to view.

My sequence is the one with the creepy staring guy as the messenger.